AccessIT Group provides a comprehensive suite of services and methodologies to help you prepare, implement, and maintain your PCI compliance program. Our security experts can even build and manage all aspects of your program for your specific business needs.

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AccessIT Group is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)


Provides an overview of PCI standards, discuss current practices for handling credit card data, and review applicable PCI obligations. Specific topics such as network segmentation, payment terminal evolution, and compliance scope are common topics.

Our experts will conduct interviews and review key controls to provide a high- level overview of control gaps in your PCI compliance.

Our engineers will conduct comprehensive enterprise security risk assessments to identify and quantify risk, helping you identify risks to your business.


Our security experts execute a thorough review of current controls through interviews, documentation reviews, and technical testing to provide detailed findings of gaps in compliance.

AccessIT provides guidance to your organization as you complete the SAQ questionnaire.

AccessIT Group fully assesses your environment and completes and signs the SAQ questionnaire.

AccessIT Group delivers recommendations on how to reduce your PCI DSS scope to cut the cost of compliance, while also reducing overall risk.

Our security experts provide actionable input on compliance strategy and deliver guidance throughout the remediation effort.


AccessIT will conduct a PCI assessment and formal review of all controls through interviews, documentation reviews, and technical testing. Upon completion, we deliver the official ROC.

AccessIT conducts quarterly external vulnerability scans and provides remediation guidance, false-positive evaluation, and ASV attestation.

AccessIT Group conducts application assessments and internal and external penetration testing to meet the control requirements within PCI DSS and manages them for you.

Retain a QSA consultant as an “on-call” expert who can handle any PCI compliance matter.

Add an expert QSA to support any component of your PCI program.

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