AccessIT Group helps organizations design, develop, and drive their cybersecurity systems. Our expert security team members deliver personalized services to businesses along the East Coast and beyond.

AccessIT Group seeks to differentiate itself by offering a higher level of expertise from engineers and sales staff, all of whose knowledge was derived from real life enterprise deployments. These values have helped AccessIT Group grow to become the first-choice cybersecurity provider in our region. Today, AccessIT Group maintains sales and service offices in King of Prussia, PA, Parsippany, NJ, New York, NY, Columbia, MD, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC and Orlando, FL.

Our Mission

AccessIT Group is a guiding light in a vast sea of cyber threats. As an industry leader, we identify and defend against these threats, increasing trust in systems, information and those who access it.

AccessIT Group creates customized security solutions, providing assessment, compliance, design and implementation expertise. We invest in our client relationships, partnering with them to navigate complex technical and business security environments.

Our Expertise

Effective and comprehensive cyber security requires not only in-depth knowledge of the latest threats and solutions, but also practical knowledge of how to integrate the multitude of products available to meet the security needs of each individual company.

AccessIT Group coordinates state-of-the-art software and hardware from various providers to give our clients confidence in the security of their information. In order to deliver the best possible solutions, we maintain the highest possible certification levels for our engineers and for our company. Our partners, including Check Point, have awarded us their highest level of partner accreditation.


AccessIT Group has received the highest level of accreditation from all of our major partners, both for the services we deliver and the training we provide.

Leadership Team

Career Opportunities

AccessIT Group brings together the best and brightest professionals in the industry.

We provide the tools and resources our team needs to advise on groundbreaking and innovative security work.

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