Check Point invented the first commercial firewall more than 20 years ago.

Through our continuous innovations and focus, today we are the leader in cyber security with solutions ranging from Next Gen Firewall, IPS, Threat Emulation and Extraction, Mobile Security, DLP, Encryption, Advanced Malware Protection and much more. And in terms of management console functionality and operational simplicity, Gartner says Check Point management remains the de facto “gold standard” against which all other consoles are measured. Learn more about our elite partner Check Point in these two overview videos, and contact us at (610) 783-5200 or [email protected].

Check Point’s Mobile Security Solution

Do you have the FULL visibility to know what threats are on your mobile devices? How do you know when a device is infected? With Check Point’s Mobile Threat Prevention solution you will. Smartphones and tablets increasingly contain sensitive business data. Without the right protection, these devices are vulnerable to cyber thieves who create sophisticated malware to exploit your corporate resources. And if you have an MDM solution in place, we complement it by adding the critical capability to block advanced threats/malware. Contact us at (610) 783-5200 or [email protected] for a discussion on defending, protecting and providing intelligent insight into your organization’s mobile security strategy.

Check Point’s Threat Prevention/Emulation/Zero-Day Protection Solutions

Check Point’s SandBlast Zero-Day Protection solution is an innovative approach to stopping unknown malware, zero-day, APT, and targeted attacks from infiltrating networks. Based on cutting-edge CPU-level exploit detection technology, SandBlast is uniquely capable of identifying and removing the most dangerous threats in their infancy, before malware has an opportunity to deploy and even attempt to evade detection. SandBlast also removes exploitable active and embedded content, reconstructs files, and delivers the sanitized content to users to maintain business flow. In addition, Check Point provides the highest catch rate and fastest response times of any solution on the market as verified by NSS testing. Contact us at (610) 783-5200 or [email protected] for a discussion on defending, protecting and providing intelligent insight into your organization’s security strategy.

Check Point’s Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud computing offers advantages over traditional data centers in availability, scalability and cost, but these virtualized environments also expose your company to whole new set of security challenges for both Private and Public clouds.

Private Clouds

As enterprises embrace Software-defined networking (SDN) and private cloud environments, the increased agility has been a boon to the business. These changes have led to dramatic increases in network traffic going east-west within the data center. This new traffic introduces new security challenges. With few controls to secure east-west traffic, threats can travel unimpeded once inside the data center. And traditional approaches to security cannot keep pace with these dynamic environments where applications are constantly provisioned in and out. Contact us at (610) 783-5200 or [email protected] to find out more about Check Point’s private cloud security solutions: vSEC for VMWare NSX, Consolidates Virtual Systems, and Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition.

Public and Hybrid Clouds

When you move computing resources and data to the public cloud, security responsibilities become shared between you and your cloud service provider. The loss of control in moving applications and data out of the enterprise to a cloud provider, and the resulting challenges in monitoring and governing those resources, create security concerns. This is especially true because of the anonymous, multi-tenant nature of the public cloud. Many companies also use hybrid clouds to maintain control of their private cloud infrastructure and protect confidential assets while outsourcing other aspects to public clouds. With the hybrid cloud the new challenge is to protect data as it moves back and forth from the enterprise to a public cloud. Contact us at (610) 783-5200 or [email protected] to find out more about our easy to manage security solutions from Check Point for most major cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services/AWS, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack.