With businesses moving towards cloud-native architectures and security products, many are encountering challenges in acquiring the appropriate tools, personnel and processes to effectively manage the security of their environments. To address this, implementing proper training or leveraging the right resources can help prevent cloud infrastructure misconfigurations and reduce human errors that often occur in consoles, CLIs and other cloud components.

Here are 5 ways to mitigate risk in your cloud environment:

Increase Visibility in the Cloud

As more workloads are being transferred to the cloud, more complex hybrid environments are being created. To get a detailed look into the risks of cloud services within your enterprise, a cloud security visibility assessment may be in order. Additionally, deployment of cloud visibility tools can help to better monitor and analyze your usage.

Follow an Identity Access Management Framework

Leverage a proven Identity Access Management framework that allows users to connect to applications. Leverage these Identity Access Management Best Practices: Define your primary security perimeter; Centralized identity management; Enforce strong passwords; Use multi-factor authentication (MFA); Define group permissions; Audit access regularly.

Enhance Compliance with Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC lets organizations quickly add and change roles, as well as implement them across platforms, operating systems (OSes) and applications. Companies generally prefer to implement RBAC systems to meet the regulatory and statutory requirements for confidentiality and privacy because executives and IT departments can more effectively manage how the data is accessed and used.

Reduce False Positives

Investigation of false positives can be a waste of time/resources and a distraction from focusing on real cyber incidents (alerts). With proper management, a cloud security platform can help to quickly uncover critical threats while reducing false positives.

Augment In-house Capabilities or Expand Expertise

When projects begin to pile up, sometimes you need to off load some work to remain secure. By engaging a trusted security partner with expertise in cloud environments–like AccessIT Group–you can be confident about using powerful cloud technologies.

By: Brian Rossmeisl – Cloud Solutions Architect

Brian Rossmeisl is a Cloud and IT Security Solution Architect with an eye on increasing business value and enabling mature controls with customers. Immersed in IT for over two decades, Brian bridges the gap between technology and business through automation and integration that unlocks true business value. As Senior Cloud and IT Security Architect at AccessIT Group (AITG), Brian is part of a composite team of architects and engineers pursuing solutions to achieve client’s security goals. In previous roles, Brian has successfully led several teams in both Lead Architect and Lead Engineer roles giving him a unique perspective and vision in deploying and optimizing solutions to fit many different domain requirements.

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