AccessIT Group delivers expert cybersecurity leadership through its newly launched Risk Advisory Blog and addition of Virtual CISO services.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Nov. 14, 2023 — AccessIT Group, a specialized provider of cybersecurity solutions and advisory services, is pleased to announce its new Risk Advisory Blog, aimed at providing valuable insights and guidance to organizations navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. The blog features the cybersecurity acumen of AccessIT’s seasoned security experts and covers a wide range of topics, from threat intelligence and incident response to compliance and risk management, ensuring that readers have access to the most up-to-date information and best practices in the field.

“We are excited to launch our Risk Advisory Blog, which is an extension of our commitment to helping organizations stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve,” said Chad Barr, Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance for the Risk Advisory practice at AccessIT Group. “We invite CISOs, IT professionals, and business leaders to visit our blog and stay informed about the latest developments in cybersecurity.”

The blog’s most recent post titled “The Modern CISO: From Data Closet to Boardroom” explores the changing responsibilities and expectations of Chief Information Security Officers in today’s digital landscape. This post, authored by AccessIT Group’s resident Certified CISO, Brett Price, highlights the critical role CISOs play in safeguarding an organization’s data and infrastructure, and the challenges they face in a world of constantly evolving cyberthreats.

To read this and other blog posts from AccessIT Group’s Risk Advisory team, visit the blog at

The Need for Expert Cybersecurity Leadership

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has rapidly evolved in recent years and, for many organizations, it’s a struggle to afford or identify qualified experts to fill this position. To address this challenge, AccessIT Group is proud to add Virtual CISO (vCISO) services to their professional services catalog. The new vCISO services are designed to provide specialized cybersecurity expertise and leadership on a flexible, outsourced basis. 

Organizations of all sizes already rely on AccessIT Group for specialized skills and expertise that are not always available in-house. Now, AccessIT can provide the guidance of highly qualified and certified vCISOs, in addition to expertise across the entire cybersecurity ecosystem with qualified product and solution professionals at the ready to support the cyber hygiene and risk mitigation objectives of their customers.

“Our Virtual CISO services adeptly complement a new or established CISO, offering scalable expertise and strategic support to bolster cybersecurity across businesses of any size, industry, or degree of cybersecurity maturity,” said Jim Bearce, Vice President of Professional Services at AccessIT Group. “Our 20+ year history of cybersecurity expertise, coupled with deep-rooted relationships with our leading-edge technology partners, puts us in prime position to assist organizations in the development of industry leading cybersecurity programs.”

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About AccessIT Group

AccessIT Group is a specialized cybersecurity solutions provider offering a full range of advanced security services that assist organizations with the design, implementation and operation of their security program and infrastructure. We focus on cloud, risk management, compliance and implementation services, working with organizations to address the evolving complexities of cyberthreats.

With six locations along the East Coast and over 20 years of experience and relationships with leading technology partners, we help you find the most appropriate technologies for implementation in your environment. Our cybersecurity experts operate as an extension to your team and help you identify the technologies and practices needed to protect your organization and your client data. Learn more at

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