Our team of certified penetration testers will perform a Threat Mapping Assessment of your network. Our goal is to define the attack scenarios that have the greatest potential impact on your company’s infrastructure, to see how each asset is exposed and to obtain a comprehensive risk overview of your network.

Our security engineers will combine an external and internal vulnerability assessment and penetration test along with configuration data from network firewalls, routers, switches, and host-based firewalls to capture a complete representation of your network security posture. We will analyze possible attack scenarios proactively and completely. This solution will reveal weaknesses in the network, evaluate the impact of a combination of exploits, and recommend changes based on the following:

Modeling both hosts and network infrastructure devices such as firewalls and routers, mapping reachability from attackers to hosts identifying exploitable paths through the network where vulnerabilities are reachable, building a clear path of possible attacks, including multi-hop attacks.

We will provide your company a remediation plan that will prioritize vulnerabilities by considering them against your overall network context, recommending those actions that will improve your overall security posture the most.