AITG offers a cutting-edge Okta Hardening and Assessment service designed to elevate your security posture in today’s challenging digital landscape. With Okta being the cornerstone of identity and access management for many organizations, we ensure that it’s not only set up correctly but also optimized for the latest security best practices.

Why Choose AITG?

Deep Expertise:

Years of professional service experience with Okta integrations.

Tailored Assessments:

Our services are bespoke, ensuring your unique environment is thoroughly protected.

Comprehensive Reports:

We provide detailed findings, actionable recommendations, and best practices.

Ongoing Support:

Beyond the initial assessment, AITG offers support to ensure continued compliance and security.

Core Hardening Areas

1.Phishing Resistant Authentication: Implement Okta FastPass alongside FIDO2 WebAuthn to ensure resilient defenses against phishing.

2. Enhanced Access Control: Require re-authentication for privileged app access, ensuring only verified users access critical apps.

3. Self-Service Recovery: Integration of robust authenticators, such as Okta Verify or Google Authenticator, for seamless and secure account recovery.

4. RMM Tool Streamlining: Optimize Remote Management and Monitoring tools while blocking any unauthorized tools.

5. Advanced Help Desk Verification: Employ a blend of visual verification techniques, MFA challenges, and managerial approvals to strengthen help desk security.

6. Device & Activity Monitoring: Monitor new devices and scrutinize suspicious activities to nip potential threats in the bud.

7. Admin Role Review: Critically evaluate Super Admin roles, introduce privilege access management (PAM), and delegate high-risk operations to custom admin roles.

8. Secure Admin Sign-ins: Enforce sign-ins only from managed devices with phishing-resistant MFA and within trusted network zones.

9. Configuration Review: In-depth examination of your current Okta setup, focusing on both security and operational efficiency.

10. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Optimization:Ensuring least privilege principles are employed throughout.

11. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enhancement: Evaluating MFA configurations and ensuring optimal security.

12. Logging and Monitoring: Assisting in setting up advanced threat detection and response mechanisms within Okta.

13. Integration Audits: Assessing connected applications and services for potential vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Okta Hardening

Strengthened Defense:

Actively mitigate risks of breaches, phishing attacks, and unauthorized access.

Enhanced Compliance:

Assure alignment with evolving regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and others.

Operational Excellence:

Streamline user and admin operations while bolstering security mechanisms.

Cost Efficiency:

Proactively prevent security incidents, thereby saving potential breach-related expenditures and safeguarding brand reputation.

How We Work

Discovery Phase: Dive deep into your organization’s specific needs and the current Okta setup.

Assessment: Thorough evaluation of your Okta environment against cutting-edge security best practices.

Report & Recommendations: Delve into vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and strategies for enhancement.

Hands-on Implementation: Work alongside your team for the effective deployment of suggested improvements.

Quality Review: Ensure all changes align with best practices and serve your organizational goals.

Ongoing Guidance: Stay updated with the ever-evolving security landscape and Okta capabilities.


Navigating the intricate maze of identity and access management is challenging. AITG’s Okta Hardening service ensures you’re not just navigating but leading the way, fortified against threats. By hardening Okta, the cornerstone of your identity and access management, you exponentially boost your defenses. Connect with AITG for a detailed consultation and pave the way for robust Okta-driven security. With AITG’s proven expertise, you can rest assured that your Okta environment will stand strong against modern threats. Contact AITG today for a personalized consultation and discover how we can fortify your Okta setup.

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