Data Protection used to be about breach prevention. The world has changed.

In 2014, there were 1,023,108,267 records lost or stolen from a breach, and only 4% of those breaches were considered “secure”, where encryption was used to render data useless to hackers.

With the ever growing likelihood that organizations will experience a data breach, learn how Gemalto can put a security strategy in place that accepts that a breach will occur BUT keep your data from being compromised.

Welcome to the new reality of data protection with Gemalto’s 3 steps to securing your sensitive data.

With Gemalto’s encryption, security is attached to the data wherever it resides, and by managing the encryption keys, and controlling user access, you are able to maintain control of your data, prove compliance, and facilitate governance – even in a dense virtual or cloud environment.

Learn more on how to truly secure your data and keep your organization out of the headlines.