When deploying top of class network security equipment, organizations need to make sure configurations are done correctly and consistently. By using indeni with Check Point firewalls, network security operations teams can be alerted to misconfigurations before they result in service downtime. indeni allows enterprise organizations to achieve to proactivity and be far more efficient maintaining uptime.

Today, network security and network operations teams find themselves scrambling whenever downtime occurs. This is because SNMP-based tools are reactive and root cause analysis is done after the fact. To be able to deliver on the business goals, operations teams need to become proactive.

Indeni is the only solution in the market that has an onboard, ever expanding, crowd sourced knowledge base that is used to compare network device configurations to best practices. indeni‚Äôs knowledge is built through its users, their networks, its vendor partners and public sources, and is constantly checked against a customer’s environment using SSH, alerting to issues proactively and preemptively, before they cause downtime or service degradation.