Flux7 is an IT services firm helping businesses to improve agility through the modernization of IT delivery and application modernization. By collaborating with customers to implement cloud automation using the latest technologies and strategies, Flux7 accelerates DevOps adoption.

Flux7 helps address security in the following ways:

Build on a Secure Foundation
The Flux7 Landing Zone provides enterprise customers with a fast, secure foundation in the cloud. Start out with monitoring, logging, and alerts as well as best-practices that achieve corporate compliance.

Inside Web Application Firewalls
Ensure availability of services against malicious attacks with AWS WAF and CloudFront. Flux7 is an official AWS WAF Service Delivery Partner.

Flux7 is an AWS WAF Partner

Meet Corporate and Legal Compliance Requirements
Implement encryption at rest using KMS for EBS, S3, RDS, and more. Use tools to follow the principle of least access on security groups and restricted access to EC2 instances. Use CloudFormation or Terraform to define all resources so resource creation is done in an automated, repeatable, and auditable method.

Implement Automated Testing and Continuous Security Monitoring
Leverage cloud-native tools including CloudTrail for auditing. And meet monitoring and testing needs with AWS Config Rules.

In addition to speeding code throughput as development teams can work on individual services in parallel, containers can also make it easier to pass security and compliance checks.

Protect Secrets Such As API Keys and Passwords
AWS Parameter Store and KMS Store can be added to manage sensitive data. For a more robust solution that addresses dynamic secrets, implement HashiCorp Vault.